Ihara Science Products

Double Ferrule Type Tube Fitting (BI-LOK)

Mechanical fittings with two ferrules.
Just via a clamping nut, the back ferrule conducts the maintenance of the pipe and the front ferrule conducts the sealing of the fluid.
The wetted portions are all made up of the same materials, meaning various fluids over a wide temperature range can be firmly sealed.
*Stainless products are Rohs compliant

Metal Diaphragm Valves

A valve using metallic diaphragm for an external seal and achieving high leak tightness, high durability and free of dead space.
Suitable for use with high-purity fluid.

Bellow Valves

Valve using metallic bellows for external seal and achieving high leak tightness.
With no leakage from the ground portion, thus achieving optimal usage where high leakage prevention is required, e.g. for toxic gases and so on.

Stop Valves

316 stainless steel body standard pressure to 24.5 MPa wide temperature range -196~230°C choice of stem designs (for vb valve sEries) stright and angle patern 100% factory tested.

Ball Valves

Can be selected in accordance with the application pressure from vacuum to 30MPa as well as by the fluids being handled. Special cleaning specification is also available. Non-standard connections can also be made upon request